Wheelchairs and stuff

A bit about wheelchairs and stuff

        A good wheelchair is not cheap!  Also, the seating systems within a wheelchair frequently have to be adapted or changed completely to suit the individual, depending upon the level of disability or type of injury sustained.

        A good prosthetic limb starts at around £15,000 but can cost as much as £40,000. Sockets are not always included in this price and sometimes cost extra.  Add to this the cost of reviews, repairs and replacements and you can see why so many of our injured troops cannot afford the mobility they deserve. 

        Soldiers who have suffered brain injuries may need to use a voice synthesizer while they are learning to talk again.


  • Voice synthesizer with text and phone call facilities - £3,600
  • Kit to mount the synthesizer on to a wheelchair - £462
  • Electric wheelchair (good quality) - £4000 - £8000 depending on the make and model.  Specialised seating can add several thousand pounds more to this.
  • Off road wheelchair which enables the user to go hiking or on the beach - £8,675
  • Basketball wheelchair - £1500
  • Racing wheelchair - £3000
  • In addition to this, there are specialised wheelchairs available for tennis, shooting, badminton, rugby, football and a range of other sports. 

The prices shown are average prices taken after consulting a number of websites.  All of this equipment also has to be insured (wheelchairs require insurance similar to car insurance in case you run someone over), repaired and serviced (just like a car).

Whilst most basic and in some cases, good quality equipment is provided, our aim is to go one step beyond and provide equipment that will enable the user to be almost as active as they were before their injury; to enable them to access footpaths and beaches, to continue to take part in sport. 

For many injured servicemen and women, the trauma of being injured impacts upon their mental well being. It is a known fact that exercise releases endorphins which lead to a feeling of mental well being.