About Jonathan Wigley

The inspiration behind SHRAPNEL

Jonathan Wigley was born on 5th July 1985 in Melton Mowbray.  His family moved to Grantham when he was 16 months old.

At a very early age, Jonathan showed signs of being a promising gymnast and also a very determined and self disciplined person.

He attended Belton Lane primary school and afterwards, the Central School.  He represented both schools in local gymnastics competitions where he always gained either first or second place.  He then went on to train in Nottingham and gained a place in the East Midlands Regional Squad.

At the age of 13, Jonathan decided he would rather concentrate on his school work and gave up gymnastics permanently.  He also joined 47F (Grantham) Squadron ATC.  Ever one for a practical joke, Jonathan would frequently hide bricks at the bottom of his friends rucksacks. He loved adventure - flying with his dad, climbing  and organising camping expeditions with his friends in the school holidays.

Jonathan joined the Royal Marines when he was 17 and after training, spent time with both Fleet Protection Group and 45 Cdo where he was selected to be part of the elite ‘Recce Troop’.  He served in Northern Ireland and undertook training in California, Norway and Senegal.

During his initial training, Jonathan suffered a number of injuries including a badly broken had and at one point, a broken foot.  Despite his injuries, Jonathan ploughed on and did not let pain get in the way of him completing a task.  He was always focussed and dedicated to whatever he was doing.





In October 2006 Jonathan deployed to Afghanistan.  He came home for R&R in November and returned to Afghanistan on Tuesday 28th  November.  Ever keen to see some action, his first words on arriving back at camp were ‘Have I missed anything lads?’ 

Jonathan was killed by fire from an American plane on December 5th, when the pilot opened fire upon the Marines, mistaking them for the enemy.





Jonathan’s courage, dedication and tenacity made him a much loved and respected Marine and we hope to carry his memory forward through the work that SHRAPNEL does.