Our Story

Our Story


        The seeds of SHRAPNEL were sown in 2009 when we were told of a young Royal Marine who had lost both legs and was trying to raise funds for a specialised wheelchair.  A number of large charities had told the Marine that the provision of wheelchairs was not within their remit.

On 3rd July 2010 a group of us had gathered to remember Jonathan and celebrate his birthday, and after a few glasses of wine,  someone tentatively put forward the idea of forming SHRAPNEL.  Everyone was in agreement and SHRAPNEL was formed there and then.

By the evening of 4th July, SHRAPNEL had a very basic website and by the end of the week, 1000 wristbands and 8 collecting tins were on order.

The colours chosen for the wristband were grey (to reflect the metal of both shrapnel and the metal used in the construction of wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs) and dark blue (because it was agreed that it looked good with the grey.)

By Christmas the wristbands were selling like hotcakes and another 12 collecting tins had to be ordered.

It was at this point that Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines (based in Helensburgh, Scotland) took an interest in the charity and started to raise money.

By the end of the first year, SHRAPNEL had raised the £5,000 necessary to become a registered charity and put in an application to the Charity Commission. 

SHRAPNEL was awarded registered charity status on 31/10/11.